About us

Merlin Growers was set up by David Darrell to promote UK growing through websites under the “Grown in the UK” banner.

Because of his interest in the enviroment and with the importance of climate change a number of products have, and are, being developed to remove plastics from Horticulture.

These products are inovative and pioneering and are being marketed from early 2022 and these will be “game changers” for UK horticulture.

The heading picture is a very young owner looking very proud having won the Lockwood Press Market Pack (The Grower now Horticulture Week) trophy for his Chrysanthemum box design at the BGLA (British Growers Look Ahead) circa 1976. (He thought his Tomato box design was better though, being much more inovative).

Today he is working with the most environmentally aware and inovative companies to bring solutions to the horticultural industry to make it more sustainable, environmentally friendly and carbon negative.