Compostable Pot Trays

The trays can be disposed of in kitchen (food waste) and home compost as well as being recyclable as cardboard.

Three of our different trays

Our universal tray for non conforming pots, here with square 9cm pots.

Delivered flat for self assembly


Available in pot sizes

1/2 Litre

1 Litre


The standard colour is brown.

We can however supply in white and printed in 2 colours if ordered in quantity

Below are some photographs of our production tray.

Very stong water resistant and with slots for information cards.

All photographs below are of prototype trays.

(1/2 Litre) Tray

The 1/2 Litre pot tray is approximately 550mm x 210mm and holds 12 pots and fits a standard Danish Trolley

Below 10 cm pot trays

We can supply in white 2 colour printed.

Very very strong and can be watered on a Danish Trolley for 6 weeks plus and still retain strength.

Thanks to Abergavenny Garden Centre for their help in development of these pots & trays.