Compostable Pots

Made in the UK

The pots can be disposed of in kitchen (food waste) and home compost as well as being recyclable as cardboard. (note these may be treated as a peat pot but ideally the pot should to be removed before planting,)


Available in 4 square pot sizes

Herb pot (approx 70mm x 70mm)

1/2 Litre

1 Litre

2 Litre

(All pots are supplied in Brown)

Below 1/2 litre pots in our cardboard tray

Below are plants grown in the pots for an extended period of time.

We expect 1 year plus of life before they start to breakdown.

(This does depend on individual Nursery conditions)

Please contact us for advice and more information

Above Good Growth

Above Excellent Root Growth

Above 10 weeks planted up and no deterioration

Above 1 year planted up and needing a good feed.

Trails of 1 litre in a commercial crop

Below of different materials after 6months commercial growing

Below trial of 1/2 litre pots

(Ignore the plastic labels.)

Below prototype pots and trays. (production pots and trays are brown unless requested)

Three of our pot sizes 2 L, 1 L, and 1/2 L.

Thanks to Abergavenny Garden Centre for their help in development of these pots. & trays

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