Stiperstones Social History & More

Welcome to the Stiperstones Community Resource.

Anyone with an interest in the Stiperstones, its history, flora, fauna and social history are welcome to contribute to these pages.

It is not intended to repeat what has been published in Once upon a hill, Never on Sunday or in The Singular Stiperstones but to expand on these books. The Stiperstones was a thriving very close community and from the descendants who i have spoken to very much missed.

The Stiperstones landscape was created by generations who earned a living from it and manipulated it to do so.

We need to hear the sound of the Curlew and the flurry of a disturbed Grouse once more.

By understanding the past it gives a stepping stone to the future.

So if you have a story an interest or family connection i would love to hear from you.

Photographs, maps, family history trees or anything of interest to others about the Stiperstones get in touch.